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*This page is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee current or future availability of these breeds. Please also note that we work with laying quality lines and so the descriptions of size, color, and personality on this page are reflective of the production stock we work with. They may not reflect the exhibition standards for these breeds and as such most of our stock is not suited for exhibition purposes.*

Naked Neck

Naked Necks are originally from Transylvania and are also known as "Turkens" due to their turkey-like appearance. They are good layers of large or extra large brown eggs, and have a bold and social temperament. They also make respectable dual purpose or meat birds, and dress out well for table use. They do extremely well in hot climates, but also hold their own in cooler weather. They typically begin to lay at 20-26 weeks of age, and mature to 4-6 pounds.


Buckeyes are an American breed, similar to Rhode Island Reds. They were originally dual purpose birds suited more toward meat production, although today's lines lean the opposite way and make good layers of large brown eggs. They are still a rather stocky bird, with beautiful deep red coloring and in intelligent, calm personality. They will usually mature to 5-7 pounds and begin laying at 20-26 weeks of age.


The Dominique is the oldest American breed. They are often considered dual purpose fowl, however our line is best suited to egg production or pet uses. They closely resemble the more common Barred Rock, but are easily distinguished by their lighter colors and flat rose comb. They have alert dispositions, and excellent egg laying ability. They will lay a large brown egg, and typically begin to lay at 20-24 weeks of age. They weight about 4-6 pounds at maturity.

Mottled Java

Javas are one of the oldest American breeds, now quite rare, and have influenced many of those that came after them. They are a hefty, friendly bird, somewhat broody, and the Mottled variety of Javas exceptionally beautiful. They make good layers of large brown eggs, and good pets as well. They will mature to 5-7 pounds, and start laying at 24-28 weeks of age.

Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles are a French breed, and are a very odd but neat fowl. They are medium in size, feather legged, and full of unique personality. Although originally considered a dual purpose or meat producing breed, today's lines are respectable layers with wonderful, docile personalities. You can expect them to lay a large light brown starting at 22-26 weeks of age. They will weigh 4-5 pounds at maturity.

Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex are an English breed, and they are truly eye-catching! Not only are they spectacular to look at, but they make excellent layers of large brown eggs and good pets too. You can expect them to mature to 4-6 pounds and begin laying at 20-26 weeks.


The Buttercup is a breed mainly known for their unusual, cup-shaped, finger-bearing comb. They are okay layers of medium white eggs, but are more suited to ornamental uses than production, as they are rather seasonal layers. They have extremely skittish personalities and small bodies, and are good fliers. They typically begin to lay at 20-22 weeks of age. They weigh about 3-4 pounds at maturity.


California White

California Whites are a hybrid created using several generations of Barred Rocks and White Leghorns. They are excellent layers of large-extra large white eggs which makes them ideal for production. However, they do not make good pets, as they have extremely skittish personalities. They typically begin to lay at 18-22 weeks of age. They weigh about 3-4 pounds at maturity.



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