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Feeders and Waterers

Bedding and Maintenance


Chicken Coops

We offer a wonderful selection of quality feeders, waterers, coops, supplements, nesting boxes, hen aprons and more.  Just a few of our choices are show cased below. Visit us in store for a full tour of our great selection!



Looking for something a little bigger? Try our selection of SHED STYLE COOPS.

Handbuilt with love and care. The perfect coop for any flock! Rural, suburban, or urban - these coops can do it all! Sure to impress in any backyard or farmyard.

With sturdy plywood construction, these coops are designed to withstand many years of weather and wear-and-tear. Built on a wheeled base for easy transportation. Roosting bar and nesting boxes are built right into all models - just drop it in place and it's ready to go! Different models house anywhere from 6-20 standard chickens. Prices range from $700.00 to $1500.00

Currently available

4-6 chicken model, no wheels: $700.00

6-8 chicken model, with wheels: $750.00

8-12 chicken model, with wheels: $975.00

12-16 chicken model, with wheels: $1250.00