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Oddities are not so much a breed, but a name we've chosen for a mixed breed we occasionally sell hatches of. They come from a small flock of gamefowl-like mutts that live semi-wild around our growing barn. While we feed and water them, they essentially range free outside our fences and often brood and hatch their own clutches, which we collect and bring to our shop to sell. They are incredibly predator hardy, and we've lost very few of them despite their constant free ranging! They also lay a surprising amount of small-medium eggs for birds with such thrifty appetites and small bodies. Although more for ornamental purposes than laying, they make very cool additions to any yard. Their appearance can range from brown to white to black and anything in between, and they have a variety of colorful mutations that vary from bird to bird, including crests, beards, strange and unusual combs, and a slight and skinny body shape that can vary in size from a medium bantam to a small standard bird (2-4 pounds). We usually charge $8-15 per female depending on age and $10 for any male.


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