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LeRoys are a variety of our own which we have been developing for several years. They are based in Orpington stock; however, they are several generations removed from the true Orpington standard. They do share with their Orpington ancestors a single comb, clean (non-feathered) legs, a large body, and profuse, loose plumage. We have chosen not to breed for color, but we select extensively for sturdy conformation, vigor, health, friendly personality, and plentiful egg and meat production. Therefore they come in a beautiful variety of plumage patterns - just a few include Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Blue Partridge, Black, Blue, Lavender, Buff, Wild-Type, and some colors which do not have names. All share a large and meaty frame, excellent for the table, and good production of large, tan-brown eggs. They have loose but plentiful plumage, giving them a round and robust appearance. We have also found them to be extremely hardy fowl, with very good health and fertility. They also have some of the most wonderful personalities of any bird we have worked with - males and females are both friendly and curious birds. We have yet to encounter a picky hen or aggressive cockerel with these birds.

As we are always focusing on improving our stock, we do not sell young stock often and availability of birds will vary. Please call or email if you are interested.






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