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Easter Eggers 

Buff Orpingtons 

Silver Laced Wyandottes 

Light Brahmas 

Cuckoo Marans 

Black Copper Marans RARE - LIMITED  SOLD OUT

Buff Chanteclers RARE - VERY LIMITED 

Buttercups - LIMITED 

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes - RARE  

Silver Gray Dorkings - RARE - LIMITED 


Hatch 5/23

Marek's Vaccinated - Guaranteed Female


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 Pullets are sourced from only a small handful of trustworthy, NPIP approved hatcheries and hand-raised from one day of age in our growing facilities, where they are given the best quality of feed available and allowed to roam freely outdoors over 3/4 acre of pasture. All of our pullets are GUARANTEED FEMALE. (Select cockerels are also available for those who want a rooster.) All of our stock is vaccinated for Marek's Disease.



8-11 weeks: $16.00-$18.00 (common breeds)

12-16 weeks: $20.00-$22.00 (common breeds)

***16+ weeks: $22.00-$25.00+ (common breeds)


8-11 weeks: $20.00-$40.00 (rare breeds)

12-16 weeks: $25.00 and up (rare breeds)


We take reservations for pullets starting 3-5 weeks prior to the arrival of a batch, and close them 1 week before arrival. Reservation fee is $3 extra per bird, and reservations require a minimum 50% deposit to hold birds. To reserve please visit us in-store. If you live more than an hour away you may reserve over phone by calling (530) 363-5981. Reserved birds are typically brought from the growing barn 1-2 days before the actual arrival date of the batch, and can be picked up at this time. If you have reserved any birds, you will get a phone call letting you know when they are here. For most of our common breeds, reservation is usually unnecessary. However, if you are interested in a breed marked rare or limited, reservations are recommended.

Reservations currently CLOSED


***We rarely have 16+ week old birds in stock, and in our peak months of March-August we typically only have 8-11 week old birds available.