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Bedding and Maintenance


7.5 cubic foot Triple Screened pine shavings - #1 poultry bedding



Chick Boost probiotic supplement             Hen Boost probiotic supplement


Poultry Booster 1.25 pound vitamin crumble                     Pick-No-More Anti-Picking Solution


Sav-A-Chick Probiotic 3-pak                                   Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte 3-pak


5 pound Chick Grit with Probiotic                      5 pound Poultry Grit


                      Bar Ale Oyster Shell 6 pounds                         Bar Ale Diatomaceous Earth 1.25 pound


           Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Wound Spray            Corid (Amprolium) 9.6% Oral Solution for Coccidiosis


ProZap Permethrin Dust for Poultry Lice                     Pampered Poultry Hen Saddles/Aprons


Happy Hen Bucket Nesting Box Kit (bucket not included)                             Plastic Wall Mounted Nesting Box


           250 Watt Red Heat Bulb                                      Metal Hanging Brooder Lamp


Chick Brooder Kit



Ceramic Nest Eggs                                  Nite-Guard Predator System



Farm Innovators Egg Candler                        Lixit Feed Bag Clip



Happy Hen Treat Ball                              Lixit Chicken Toy