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Looking for a high quality feed for your poultry or livestock? Look no further! We carry EXCLUSIVELY Bar Ale feed. Bar Ale was founded over 50 years ago in Petaluma, California, and is currently based in Williams, California. All Bar Ale feed is milled fresh in small batches using West Coast-grown ingredients. Most products are available in conventional, non-GMO, and organic options. We offer a full line of poultry feed for all ages and many different species of fowl, as well as livestock options for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, swine, and more!




16% Non-GMO Laying Crumble 40 lb $18.50

 16% Non-GMO Laying Pellet 40 lb $18.50

 16% Conventional Layer Pak Crumble w/ Cracked Corn and Oyster Shell 50 lb $18.50

16% Conventional Layer Pak Mini-Pellet w/ Cracked Corn and Oyster Shell 50 lb $18.50

20% Conventional Flock Raiser Crumble 50 lb $19.00

20% Medicated Chick Starter Crumble 50lb $20.00

20% Medicated Chick Starter Crumble 25lb $12.00

22% Non-GMO Turkey & Gamebird Grower 40 lb $20.00

20% Non-GMO Chick Starter Crumble 40 lb $21.00

18% All Purpose Poultry Pellet 40 lb $19.00

3-Way Non-GMO Scratch 50lb $14.00

6-Way Non-GMO CORN FREE Scratch 40lb $16.00

7-Way Non-GMO Pristine Scratch 50 lb $16.00

Black Oil Sunflower Seed 20 lb $15.00

Black Oil Sunflower Seed 40 lb $22.00

Wild Bird Seed 40 lb $17.00

Tillie's Treats Dried Mealworms 1.25 lb $15.00

Tillie's Treats Dried Shrimp 10 oz $10.00

Tillie's Treats Surf n Turf - Dried Mealworm/Shrimp Combo 1.25 lb $15.00

Premium Party Pak Chicken Treats 10 lb $14.00

Premium Snack Pak Chicken Treats 10 lb $14.00

Premium Snack Pak Chicken Treats 5 lb $8.00

Bulk Mealworms 11 lb $110.00 




12% All Purpose Mix 50 lb $16.50

16% Non-GMO Swine Grower $20.50

16% Rabbit Mini-Pellet 50 lb $19.00

16% Rabbit Mini-Pellet 25 lb $11.00

Western Sweet Goat Mineral 40lb $32.00



Mix and match any livestock or poultry feed - 10 bag minimum to recieve discount - please call ahead for more than 10 bags of one single kind - the more you buy the more you save! Please stop by in person or call us to get on our bulk ordering list.

We love to support our local agricultural youth. If you are buying feed for your 4H or FFA animals, please mention it at check-out for a special discount.

Yes - we can special order any Bar Ale feed we do not regularly carry in stock, for no extra charge! Just ask about getting on our list for our monthly ordering schedule. 2 bag minimum please. Must be ready to pick up upon feed arrival. You can view Bar Ale's full selection of high quality feeds at